GLADHE The Group of Learning in Art and Design Conference. April 2021

For the event I presented new approaches to learning that my team developed in response to the crisis and the education sectors massive shift into…

London Design Week Interview

In terms of design education — how does one become a designer in Brazil? What kind of courses and qualifications are the norm?

In conversation with Valentina Brenner

Metahaven — Hacking Habit

What sort of mentality do you feel is becoming obsolete in the field?

Martin Kippenberger — The Problem Perspective. MOMA

Activity 1:

  1. Visit the Times Higher Education website
  2. Search for ‘FutureLearn’
  3. Stand Back!

(Thanks to UAL Higher Education Consultant & Visiting Professor — Dr James Wisdom for this advice!)

“It’s going to change. There is no doubt about it… For students in developing countries who can’t get it any other…

Allan Kaprow — The education of Un-Artists

“I would propose that the first practical step towards laughter is to un-art ourselves, avoid all aesthetic roles, give up all references to being artists of any kind whatever. An un-artist is one who is engaged in changing jobs, in modernizing. It is quite possible to shift the whole un-artistic…

Tatsumo Orimoto — The Breadman

The current Conservative UK government refuse to include the creative arts into the reassessed GCSE model EBACC. We have seen a dramatic 27% cut of creative subjects from the curriculum last year and 45% the year before that (Guardian article here). …

The School of Athens’. Raphael. 1509. Aristotle and Plato — Discussing the respective merits of Idealism vs Realism.

Is a shared activity in which people are collectively engaging with an emotional bond that drives collective interactions without force.

Three key aspects to ‘community in practice’ –

1. A shared passion. The domain in which the community exists, be it online of offline is represented by the collective with…

New Propositions in Higher Education

Jaygo Bloom. EBAC — British School of Creative Arts. Sao Paulo. Brazil. Sharing narratives. Shaping perceptions. Connecting globally. Challenging the zeitgeist.

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